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Measuring 19" in length, 37.8" in width, and 38.8" in height, the 4-wheel pet walking stroller features upper and lower cabin compartments that are suitable for smaller cats and dogs, with a maximum loading weight of 13.2 lbs. and weight capacity of 33 lbs. Featuring zippered mesh windows, swivel front wheels, one-hand hold support, foldable system, rear brakes, safety tethers, interior pad, and 2 upper and 2 lower safety leashes, this double-deck pet bus includes a cup holder and a transformed personal basket for all your pet's belongings.


The Ibiyaya Double Decker Bus Dog & Cat Stroller is a great way to transport two furry friends at once -- without making them share the same compartment. Because sometimes that's just a bad idea! Alternatively, this stroller can carry one pet plus a bag of groceries, or any other bulky parcel that you don't have enough hands to haul along with you. The built-in all-wheel suspension and cozy padding minimize jostling and maximize comfort. Security straps help keep passengers from bolting at the sight of another dog, a cat, a squirrel or just because. And when you're not using this stroller, it folds up compactly for convenient storage anywhere.