BUMIYA Dog Diaper Pads Pet Supplies Diaper Pads Pet Diaper Pads Diaper Pads(45 * 60cm-M Size 50 Pieces)

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Color: 45*60cm-m Size 50 Pieces


  • Super Absorbent and Thicker】Thicker dog pee pads and 6 layers of protection design make our puppy pee pads more absorbent than those on the market.
  • Leak-proof: Each pet training mat has a plastic backing and border to protect your floor or carpet by stopping leaks 24 hours a day.
  • Dog oversized pee peep pads: each dog pee pad has PE film on the back, dog training pads are easy to pick up and won't leak or spill on the wood floor, keeping your room clean all day long.
  • XL large size for most types of pets and multiple puppies: extra large size for large dogs, small dogs and puppies, cats and other pets, for potty training, aging pet assistance.
  • [Very Reliable Puppy and Senior Pet Pee Pads] No more worrying about your puppy chewing it and dragging it around! This is also a great gift idea for people with puppies, dogs, senior dogs, kittens, cats, rabbits and other house training pets

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